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Brightly College offers creative A/L subjects that enrich traditional educational streams.
Led by highly experienced educational leader Andrew Fowler-Watt, Brightly College is a brand new, high-end educational institute, specifically catering for advanced-level students who wish to study creative A/L subjects.

At Brightly College, learning is offered through a symbiotic relationship between creativity and traditional education. This offer complements existing high school frameworks, offering students the opportunity to delve into creative A/L subjects alongside their conventional studies. Brightly helps students succeed by encouraging creative thinking and strong academic skills. We believe in a flexible mindset that goes beyond traditional subjects.
Brightly's Creative A Levels are taught Part time, typically after 2.00pm or on weekends, ensuring no conflicts with regular school schedules. Whether students are pursuing Local or International A Levels, Brightly College seamlessly complements their existing studies. This part-time model ensures students' to remain in their respective schools by, allowing them to seamlessly integrate creative pursuits into their academic journey.
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What we believe

Andrew Fowler-Watt - Cambridge Almnus and Founding Principal

"Academics and Creativity used to be two separate things in schools; Curricular and Extra-curricular. However, all that is changing. For creativity is not just about making ‘art’, wonderful though that process is. It is about thinking for oneself, both critically and imaginatively; and being able to come up with innovative, potentially world-changing ideas. So Creativity is actually just as important for Doctors and Engineers as it is for Musicians and Artists"

477 R. A. De Mel Mawatha,
Colombo 00400
Tel:  +94 76 538 2000
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