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​​Future-forward learning to produce catalytic global citizens. ​

Eyes on the horizon, and roots set in time-tested foundations, Brightly believes in a new learning culture that responds to the future’s call. Set to create outstanding young people who take on tomorrow’s challenges with intelligence, commitment and courage, Brightly College steps in where the existing education systems fall short. Working with veteran educators, business visionaries, and innovators Brightly presents an internationally recognised curriculum with breakthrough creative subjects unprecedented in Sri Lanka; it’s a learning experience specifically designed to create a steady foundation of future-forward skills and traits.
Our approach to education brings together the best of both worlds; traditional values and principles merge with groundbreaking new curricula that meet the marks of tomorrow. Brightly challenges students to explore the world through diverse cultures, science, nature, and languages, as much as technology and the arts. At Brightly College, we believe that true education is the act of inspiring active learning and that the key to unlocking the innovative capacity of young minds is engaging their curiosity. 
With Brightly, rest assured, your future is bright.
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What we believe

Brightly College nurtures traditional values like academic rigour, discipline and respect while encouraging creativity, freedom of thought and individuality, at the same time.

Andrew Fowler-Watt, Principal

Brightly College is for students who are excited about the future, who want to be challenged and stimulated; who are curious about pursuing new things and courageous in taking the world into their hands. It’s a place for bright minds that want to spread their light.
477 R. A. De Mel Mawatha,
Colombo 00400
Tel:  +94 76 538 2000
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