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A new approach to education through Brightly College

Brightly College Opens Registrations for Trailblazing Summer Bridging Program this July to experience future forward learning techniques.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call to the unpredictable nature of the world we live in. Adaptability in crisis became a measure of resilience and rendered traditional rigidity obsolete. The education landscape too called for an upheaval, where virtual classrooms and remote pedagogy became the need of the hour.

Now, in a ‘post-pandemic’ reality, the horizon is still uncertain and we know now that stability can no longer be guaranteed.

In March 2022 the education ecosystem of Sri Lanka witnessed a landmark change/disruption, with the official launch of Brightly College in Colombo – a future-forward learning institute designed to shape a more resilient, braver generation – the wave makers and trailblazers of tomorrow.

While both local and international schools across Sri Lanka offer students a more conventional range of A/L subjects with which to shape their futures, Brightly College recognizes the fast-evolving global career landscape, and brings to the table a next generation education hybrid. The Cambridge accredited institution offers a diverse blended portfolio of subjects, ranging from the traditional -Science, Mathematics, Commerce, Psychology, etc.- to the more contemporary subjects such as Marine Science, Digital Media & Design, Drama, Travel & Tourism, and more. With life skills at the core of each curriculum, Brightly College’s exciting new model is designed to inspire creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, and risk-taking; with the long-term goal of producing students with a stronger hold on their own futures.

Brightly College’s Founding Principal Andrew Fowler-Watt, is a passionate educator with an eye for building the next generation of change-makers.A University of Cambridge alumnus and former Principal at Trinity College in Kandy, The British School in Colombo, and Colombo International School, Fowler-Watt has now founded Brightly College with a wealth of experience under his belt. “The Brightly College approach is a transformative one in that the A/L pathways we offer are diverse and relevant, in tune with the global shift in the outlook on education,” he says.“What we’re offering is a world-class Cambridge Advanced Level curriculum to students in Sri Lanka, but through what we call a STEAM+ model. This unique academic-vocation mix brings with it the opportunity to chart a career pathway guided by genuine interest, and also makes it more inclusive so that students with niche interests and fostered for their unique capabilities.”

Flexibility and progressiveness goes hand-in-hand, and Brightly College is committed to making their courses accessible to all. Students can either opt to enroll at Brightly College full-time, or choose to continue their A/L education at their current school while also attend evening classes at Brightly as a part-time student. English will be the primary mode of instruction for all subjects, and where required, assistance to develop a strong command of the language –both written and spoken- will be provided.

The pioneering academic institution has now officially opened its doors for its first batch of students, encouraging O/L graduates to enroll for its inaugural Summer Bridging Program. Differentiating itself from any other summer academic program, this immersive two-week curriculum is revolutionary in that it is designed with intensive accelerated learning sessions on creativity, design thinking, problem-solving, leadership and productivity – the very catalysts for cultivating smart learners and critical thinkers. Taught and mentored by both Andrew and Graduate of Oxford University, Director of Innovation & Learning Tom Cassidy, students of the Summer Bridging Program will be mentored on how to take advantage of the valuable learning techniques utilised in the historic halls of Oxford and Cambridge, and at a fraction of the cost of international study. In order to allow for a smaller tutor: student ratio, classes will also be limited in number. The course will for a period of two weeks.

With an address at the Colombo Innovation Tower –the bustling hub of all things innovation- , Brightly College students will be able to learn from a vibrant and inspiring ecosystem that is testament to the future-forward ethos of the school. Brightly College students also stand to benefit greatly from an internationally qualified, passionate, and connected faculty; learning not just subject matter, but also how to foster the healthy curiosity and competitiveness required to successfully navigate and even take charge in the diverse and ever-changing landscape of tomorrow.

The future of education has arrived in Sri Lanka, and it is here to stay.

Brightly College invites all O/L graduates looking to get ahead in their education to enroll for the July 2022 intake of its Summer Bridging Program. To register or for more information on other courses, call or WhatsApp 076 538 2000, or email or walk in between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday - Colombo Innovation Tower, No 477, R A De Mel mawatha, Colombo 4

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