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“Most of our students will one day be doing jobs that haven’t even been invented yet.”

At Brightly, we encourage thinking big and far

Academic lessons and extra-curricular activities coexist at Brightly College. Life at Brightly makes room for sport and community service as much as debate and theatre, because connecting with people of diverse ages and backgrounds is a great way to make sense of life.
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Drawing a Line

Timetables made to meet your needs; not the other way round.

Almost any combination of subjects available
Brightly welcomes diversity and creative expression as much as equality. We believe in cultivating a sense of community parallel to appreciating the uniqueness of each individual. What do we think of uniforms? Ask our Principal Andrew Fowler-Watt.
477 R. A. De Mel Mawatha,
Colombo 00400
Tel:  +94 76 538 2000
Scissor and Sellotape
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