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Global Perspectives
English Literature
Travel & Tourism
Brightly College is an associate of the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Backed by CIE, our subjects are delivered through University of Cambridge academic research, learning methods and assessments that promote independent thinking and active learning.
The Brightly Curriculum was built with subjects that are directly relevant, both academically and vocationally, to the future of Sri Lanka and the world. The choices are flexible. Why wouldn’t a student be able to choose to study economics with travel and tourism while also pursuing their passion for design? At Brightly, we believe in helping students pursue what they are truly interested in. This is the secret to creating future leaders who are genuinely interested and passionate about taking charge and bettering this world.
Our approach to education is beyond the popular STEM subjects, and even a step beyond the idea of STEAM incorporating arts and creativity that the world is warming up to. At Brightly, we’re thinking STEAM+ by bringing in a profound vocational relevance and essential life skills. Knowing that much learning takes place outside the classroom as much as within, what we see as life skills are based on instilling thinking patterns to take calculated risks, think critically, manage stress and build resilience preparing them to face a world full of challenges. These are the vital components that make up the value-added pluses of the STEAM+ education at Brightly.
Access the full curriculum in our academic prospectus.
477 R. A. De Mel Mawatha,
Colombo 00400
Tel:  +94 76 538 2000
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