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Summer Advanced Learning Program

Get ready for your A/Ls with an understanding of future proof careers and an unmatchable set of skills that will set you apart!

Learn how to Become a Learning Machine using the techniques that have made Oxford and Cambridge No. 1 and 2 Universities in the world for almost 1000 years!

Original British Teacher Team from Oxford and Cambridge.  

Intensive advanced learning sessions on creativity, design thinking, problem-solving, leadership and productivity.

Our virtual first approach to delivery will enable you to join from anywhere in the world!

Program duration: 5 days

Timeline: July 4th-July 9th

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Andrew Fowler - Watt:

Andrew Fowler-Watt, is a scholar and Graduate of Cambridge University (St John's College) with a postgraduate degree in English Literature. He has experience of being a teacher and Principal in leading private schools in the UK, Sri Lanka and Brunei. 


Tom Cassidy:

Tom Cassidy is a graduate from the prestigious Oxford University and an education visionary. He  has significant experience as Vice-Principal and Principal across schools and academic groups and experience in teaching. Tom is also an entrepreneur and internationally published author. 

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